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Services for my clients

Ronnie Prassas has a background working with UHNW families and well known Celebrity families. Throughout his 10 + years working with these private individuals his has built a name for himself and advanced his career to offer them the following services. Attached is his resume for reference. 


Concierge Services can range from planning and booking family holidays to making restaurant reservations or getting you access to special events

Planning travel with the Executive Assistant 

Estate Management

As Estate Manager I act as the liaison for the principals or celebrities and their properties and is trained in formal etiquette, care of fine furnishings, antiques, and art.


As a Private chauffeur I transported my employers to a particular destination safely and on time. Also navigation devices to reach the destination in the shortest time possible, 

Butler / Dinner Service 

As a Butler I provide a seamless and professional lifestyle management service to my elite clients they could range from members of a royal family, presidents, dignitaries, celebrities and the wealthy.

Marjo Domo

As the head Major Domo / Caretaker of the household I am in charge of a great Estate household, as that of a sovereign; a chief steward. a steward or butler.

Household Organizer 

These projects ranged from rearranging a specific room or large estates. As a home organizer, you may specialize in a particular service, like closet design or decluttering homes

145 C P North Penthouse Terrace.jpeg

Reference Letters

Private Executive Assistant 

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Ronnie Prassas as a very smart, capable and personable candidate for any position in management, customer service or hospitality. Ronnie has kept his cool and maintained his professionalism and problem solving skills.  Private Name & Photo

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