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Private Family Estate Manager & Entrepreneur 

Ronnie Prassas has officially launched a two-way communication platform for domestic staffing agencies to connect with qualified candidates and gain new potential clients.

Over the years Ronnie Prassas has dedicated his career to the private service industry working with the top well-known A list celebrities and has built a team of employees to help him build a private service job board site.

Ronnie quoted: “Over the years I have discussed with hospitality candidates that they were unaware of this career choice and some felt like it was too difficult to get an opportunity.”

As a result, we have built this niche job board to help candidates apply for these new positions.

We see a great market for this platform coming into 2021.

This platform will become the one-stop-shop for all domestic staffing needs.

Ronnie Prassas goal is to build a very large database of hospitality and domestic service candidates on one secure platform website. Let’s get your career started today!

Who Is Ronnie Prassas?


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Ronnie Prassas, the owner and founder of myEstateStaff.com is looking to connect with qualified candidates. He’s investing much of his time at colleges and universities, educating students on the endless opportunities that lie within the private service industry.


Personally, Ronnie has served as a Butler and Estate manager for many well-known families as well as A-list celebrities. He wants to share his success story with as many people as possible.


The main goal for both Ronnie & myEstateStaff.com is to raise awareness & direct strong candidates to the myEstateStaff.com job board. A very simple place for them to easily apply for positions that meet their skill set. 



Job hunting has evolved from newspaper ads, a resume, and a personal interview to online job postings, electronic resumes and social networking.

myEstateStaff.com is a Two-Way Communication website that offers the private domestic service industry a ONE STOP SHOP for both qualified employees and employers to meet, share, collaborate and chat on one user friendly, secure website.  It is quickly becoming the #1 Job Board Site for the private service industry. 

Our service is your source for domestic service jobs and career opportunities. 

Register and create your profile so new jobs that match your background in private service can be emailed directly to you.

This site will display jobs posted by employers and agencies. 

This platform lets you apply to jobs anytime, anywhere



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