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In February 2018 Ronnie decided to relocate to NYC for a part-time summer position working for a well-known UHNW A-list celebrity. This celebrity supplied living accommodations all over the world and it was a great experience and lovely family. They wrote outstanding letters of recommendation. 

Ronnie part time contract was up, so he started applying himself to other Butler / Estate manager positions nationwide. Throughout his hiring process he was offered plenty of opportunities but decided to wait for the perfect opportunity. That opportunity arrived March 2019 for a well-known A-list celebrity musician. He is currently still in this position. 


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"Good things take time."

Capture the Beauty

Ronnie has been living in NYC since  2018 and throughout his time here he as seen the city change with a pandemic and finding new architecture to photograph all the time. New York  is a gorgeous city and endless opportunities live within. 

Over the years Ronnie Prassas has exploded the city and connected with a lot of people in the hospitality industry. He has developed a real relationship with candidates worldwide. 

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Ronnie Prassas is now starting his new upcoming job board site My Estate Staff to advance the private service industry. This niche Job board tool will be a groundbreaking platform for the private sector.   It’s a great tool for candidates and employers to meet, share and collaborate on one secure website. 

 Agencies are reaching out to him to get involved since it gives the domestic staffing agencies the opportunity to benefit from the referral program.

Private Clients now have the opportunity to work with multiple agencies on one placement to hire their staff. MY ESTATE STAFF reaches out to their partnering agenesis to see who has the best candidate for the position at that time. If client proceeds the agency gets their standard placement fee

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