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Ronnie Prassas grew up in a small town in Haddonfield NJ. He has three older sisters who all went to the same high school. 

School wasn’t always Ronnie’s straights; he grew up with dyslexia and always had a problem in school. He was informed by teachers that college wouldn’t be for me or I wouldn’t succeed. 

Ronnie Prassas went to college in 2008 and proved everyone wrong by graduating from Lynn University with a bachelor’s in hospitality management in 2012.

Three days after graduating Ronnie found a position online and applied for a Jr Butler position. Not knowing this was even a career chose or option out of college. 

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Ronnie Prassas is based in New York City.  A entrepreneur and career driven individual who has built a name for himself in the in the private service industry. 

The main goal for both Ronnie & is to raise awareness & direct strong candidates to the job board. A very simple place for them to easily apply for positions that meet their skill set. 

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Ronnie Prassas has set out to connect with like minded hospitality and private service candidate. He has built a large database of candidates and continues to expand his name. 


Ronnie Prassas over the years has networked with a large amount of vendors and luxury sales associates who have all benefited from his connections and referral programs. 


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New York City

"Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.”



Ronnie landed the Jr Butler position working for a very well-known powerful attorney and successfully advanced his career staying with the family for six years. He worked his way up to become the Estate Manager / Chauffeur and Butler.

Throughout his employment Ronnie Prassas continued his entrepreneurialism and started a very successful transportation company. “Shuttle Dudes Your Car…Our Dudes” It transported you and your car home safely. He was featured in a dozen magazines and new broadcasts. The service was a great success, so Ronnie decried to sell the business for a profit.

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