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Updated: Jan 27

Ronnie Prassas, the owner and founder of myEstateStaff.com is looking to connect with qualified candidates. He is

spending a lot of time at college and universities educating students about the endless opportunity and job security in this industry.

myEstateStaff.com is setting out to become the #1 private service job board for agencies and candidates. Private Service includes positions that span across a number of different trades, including butler, nanny, personal assistants, home security, grounds keeper, chauffeurs, and many more. All of which assist High Net Worth individuals or families

Movers and shakers interview - Daily Kivo

My name is Ronnie Prassas and I am a private family butler and entrepreneur. I went to college at Lynn University in Boca Raton and graduated with a hospitality degree. Two days after graduating, I landed a position working with a multi-billionaire as their Jr. butler.    I will never forget the day arriving at the very large waterfront estate for the interview and talking to the Estate Manager. He was from Barbados, so his accent was hard to understand, but I was sold when he told me that I would be driving and maintaining the large fleet of exotic cars. Whenever you enter any new industry, you need to have expectations around the initial compensation. You will need to pay your dues here but if you work hard – you can move up quickly within the ranks because this industry is very personal and so is your exposure. 

I jumped on the opportunity and got the interview with the principal of the household. After my interview he hired me on the spot because he knew I was a hard-working young individual and he saw my potential. I continued working with that very lovely family for over six years and worked my way up to the Estate Manager position overseeing a very large staff of housekeepers and maintenance contractors. I worked six days a week running the daily operations in the morning and in the evening. I was in charge serving dinner to the family & their guests. After six years, I decided to leave the family and experience a new summer position working with Jerry Seinfeld. This was an opportunity to be closer with my family in NYC and get the chance to travel with him and his family. He supplied all my living expenses and travel, so this was a hard opportunity to pass up. This experience was unforgettable and led me to my current day to day position, supporting one of the biggest A list celebrities in the world.


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LINK - https://www.kivodaily.com/interviews/movers-and-shakers-interview-with-ronnie-prassas/



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