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Updated: Jan 27

myEstateStaff.com is setting out to become the #1 private service job board for agencies and candidates. Private Service includes positions that span across a number of different trades, including butler, nanny, personal assistants, home security, grounds keeper, chauffeurs, and many more. All of which assist High Net Worth individuals or celebrities.

Ronnie Prassas, the owner and founder of myEstateStaff.com is looking to connect with qualified candidates. He is spending a lot of time at college and universities educating students about the endless opportunity and job security in this industry. 

Personally, Ronnie has served as a Butler and house manager for many well-known families, so he wants to share his success story with as many people as possible.

The main goal for both Ronnie & myEstateStaff.com is to raise awareness & direct strong candidates to the myEstateStaff.com job board. A very simple place for them to easily apply for positions that meet their skill set. 

What can members do?

Job hunting has evolved from newspaper ads, a resume, and a personal interview to online job postings, electronic resumes and social networking.

myEstateStaff.com is a Two-Way Communication website that offers the private domestic service industry a ONE STOP SHOP for both qualified employees and employers to meet, share, collaborate and chat on one user friendly, secure website. It is Quickly becoming the #1 Job Board Site for the private service industry.


Job seekers can register and create a free account on myEstateStaff.com

Qualified candidates can upload their professional headshot and resume to quickly apply to new posted opportunities locally or nationwide. Employers and Agencies will have instant access to candidates directly by email after a position is posted on our job board site.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to your Member’s Page

  2. Create a profile

  3. Get Verified

  4. Apply to new job positions

  5. Get interviewed

  6. Land new job


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