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Ronnie Prassas

Today’s digital arena has driven many entrepreneurs and enterprises towards modernization. Some go-getting personalities are determined to climb the summits of success using technology and becoming more aggressive in their pursuits. In contrast, others strive for excellence by continuously providing more innovative ways to make a difference in the lives of many individuals across the world.


However, like any new experience, the current digital space has its ups and downs. Countless individuals have had to contend with the reality that digital advancements are challenging to adapt to, especially when traditional methods still work to their advantage. But for a visionary like Ronnie Prassas, an esteemed entrepreneur and founder of an innovative enterprise, Candid Sync, the only way to achieve success is to embrace change.

Ronnie Prassas
Ronnie Prassas -Butler / Estate Manager


Ronnie Prassas


Opening up New Doors. Ronnie Prassas - Estate manager / Butler and entrepreneur 

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